Some of the characteristics of ASYD...


Deploy hundred of systems in parallel with a single click. ASYD automatically scales depending on your server resources so you don't have to worry about performance tuning.


Specially designed for sysadmins. Forget about spending hours reading documentation or writing endless playbooks, ASYD is as easy as it sounds.


ASYD uses SSH to communicate with the clients, thus not requiring you to install any extra software. It will handle and install any needed configurations automatically.

Web Interface

ASYD comes bundled with a web interface, making it even easier to use and universally accessible from any internet capable device. Deploy new systems is just one click away.


ASYD has an integrated monitoring system based on Monit, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for managing your entire infrastructure. Let it to automatically recover your services.


ASYD support internationalization, so you can translate it to any language. Remember to contribute back to the community if you make a translation by creating a pull-request on GitHub!

Copyright © 2015 ASYD Solutions



Copyright © 2015 ASYD Solutions